Speaker mentoring

DLM Consultants would not exist if it were not for the support we have received from the SQL and DevOps communities.

One way that the community has supported us is by encouraging us to speak at meetups, user groups and conferences. Over the years we’ve started speaking more and more. In 2017 Alex and Rob (between them) delivered over 90 sessions.

By speaking we have been able to evangelise Database DevOps, we’ve been able to network and we’ve also been able to raise our own personal profiles. This has certainly opened doors for us but more importantly it’s given us the confidence to go out and do great things.

In order to give back to the community we want to help other people to start speaking. In January 2017 Alex put out a tweet offering to help new speakers. Very quickly that started a bit of a movement and the result was speakingmentors.com.

Speaking Mentors is a place where any willing speaker mentor posts their details with an open invitation for new/wannabe speakers to contact them and seek advice to start their own speaking career. The website is hosted by DLM Consultants for the global tech community and we hope it will encourage more new voices, more diversity and new opportunities for people.

We now have over 40 mentors on the site – and it seems to be working.