DLM Kick-starter

You know what you want to achieve, and perhaps you’ve already bought or built some software to help manage the process, but you need some help to get it all working. After all, tools are fantastic, but you need to know how to set them all up and to use them wisely.

DLM Consultants can help. Our DLM Kick-starter package is designed to help you make real progress within a focused, fixed time period. We can’t say exactly what we’ll help you with, because it depends on what you need and how quickly your organisation can move, but we’ll do what we can to help you make some rapid progress.

Principal consultant, Alex Yates, has worked both on-site and remotely with large and small organisations across many geographies and industry sectors. He’s seen the good, the bad and the ugly and he has helped many organisations to take their next step with SQL Server or Oracle DLM.

Our philosophy is not to build your pipeline for you. We will help you to build it for yourself. We’ll pair with you but we won’t touch the keyboard. It is important that your people are able to implement and manage your own pipeline as quickly as possible. If you are dependent on our services for a long period of time, we have not done our job properly.

With this in mind, a typical engagement will look something like this:

  • We’ll come onsite for about a week. We’ll aim to provide your team with a focused period of time that they can dedicate to solving their DLM problems. We may start with a rough schedule, but we’ll try to stay as flexible as possible throughout the time we have.
  • We’ll send you a list of prerequisites ahead of the engagement to make sure everything is ready for the visit. We ask our customers to have various things in order before we arrive so that we can be as efficient with the time that you pay for as possible.
  • We’ll start with some focused time face-to-face with key stake-holders and the team to confirm objectives and scope.
  • We’ll spend some time pairing with your team to implement something. Typically a database source control, CI and/or release management process. You may have some specific scenarios or databases that you would like us to use.
  • We’ll spend some time delivering personalized training to relevant people to use the software effectively once DLM Consultants have left.
  • We’ll finish by summarising what we have achieved to key stake-holders and we may make some recommendations.

“Alex is like a good teacher, he really wants you to understand how things work and he teaches patiently.
I met Alex only three weeks ago at a continuous integration workshop. Afterwards, in the process of setting things up at the company I work for, he was really supportive. I never had the feeling he was trying to
sell me the product. He just wanted me to understand and make the product work.”

Sjors Takes, Senior SQL Server DBA at Albumprinter


“He really impressed me with his profound insight into a broad range of CI products on the market, not merely RedGate offering. I filled a few pages with comments from one of his presentation: it was an excellent introduction into SDLC software tools.
His customers can rest assured that the solution he offers is actually what truly fits the business: he takes pride in his integrity and informed advice. Rather than making everything seem like a nail just because he sells hammers, he can offer well-rounded, appropriate solutions to software development life cycle problems, and he does that really well. True asset on any team, no doubt.”
Dmytro Andriychenko, Lead developer at Rabobank