My references: Containers and Clones – Provision many giant SQL Servers in seconds on a tiny HDD

This was a joint session delivered by Alex Yates and Andrew Pruski (@dbafromthecold) at SQL Relay 2017 and SQL Bits 2018.


Provisioning dev environments is often a slow, complicated and manual process. Often devs simply don’t have the diskspace.

You can solve many of the these problems with virtualisation technologies and source controlled powershell scripts.

We’ll show you how by talking you through:

1. Defining containers
2. Configuring Windows Server 2016 to run containers
3. Running SQL Server containers
4. Creating custom container images
5. Sharing container images

6. Defining database clones
7. Masking data
8. Creating database images from backups or live databases


9. Containers and clones working together

The session will explain concepts via slides which will be backed up by demos.



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