DLM Consultants are proud to be in a position to donate money to various charities. We donate money to charity for various reasons but the largest donations tend to happen when one of our partners offers us a financial incentive because one of our mutual customers bought a software licence.

To date, DLM Consultants has made the following donations to charity:

April 2018: £2,209 to Bliss

DLM Consultants received £2,209 from one of our partners as a result of some work we did with a mutual customer. We donated the money to Bliss who provide support for premature babies born in the UK. While we normally consult with our customer before choosing a charity, on this occasion Alex’s little sister had just given birth to premature twins. She was extremely grateful for the work Bliss had done for her and her babies so they were the obvious choice. (Mum and both babies are all doing fine!)

September 2017: $4,600 ($2,300 each) to the Kentucky Association of Food Banks and Metro United Way

DLM Consultants received some money from one of our partners following a DLM Health Check we delivered at one of mutual our customers. We asked the customer which charity they would like us to donate the money too. They requested the Kentucky Association of Food Banks and Metro United Way. After reading about what each did we were happy to agree.

December 2016 to date: £10/month to The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

Our monthly donation to The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association was originally a Christmas present to all our DLM Digest readers, but we’ve chosen to continue donating because it’s a wonderful cause.

September 2016: £300 to Macmillan Cancer Support

When Alex Yates finished his job at Redgate Software he needed a new laptop with which to build DLM Consultants. His Redgate laptop was due an upgrade anyway so Redgate offered to let him keep it in exchange for a £300 (the laptop’s market value) donation to charity. One of Alex’s family members had recently won a battle with cancer. She was enormously grateful to the nurses from Macmillan so that’s the charity we chose.

September 2016: £100 to The Stroke Association

Pete Woodhouse designed the DLM Consultants logo based off a doodle Alex Yates had scribbled on the back of an envelope. We were thrilled with the result. However, Pete had a full time job as a graphic designer at Redgate Software and did not want to charge us for his work. Instead we donated £100 to The Stroke Association to say thank you.