DLM Workshops

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Accessible database DevOps training

DLM Consultants believe in equipping people to manage their own Database DevOps pipelines. Our DLM Workshops are a series of three training days designed to teach the fundamentals of Database Lifecycle Management (DLM). Since we believe the best way to learn is to do, during each workshop every attendee will implement what they’ve learned in their own VM sandbox, hosted by us.

We’ve broken the content into three full day workshops:

Attendees are welcome to attend the full series or just one or two workshops. Each month we’ll run the full series on consecutive days. That way attendees can attend all three in one go or attend one each month, taking breaks to implement and practice what they’ve learned at each stage.

“Throughout the workshops, you’ll learn about DLM best practices, how to implement and work with all the standard DLM tools and the extra value added by Redgate’s software. I would certainly recommend you to attend all 3 workshops.”
Jan Mulkens, Microsoft BI consultant, Ordina
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We’ve teamed up with Redgate to create these workshops and we’ll use Redgate’s SQL Toolbelt, along with many other tools including Git, NuGet, TeamCity and Octopus Deploy. We can also provide workshops using VSTS upon request. The principles and techniques, however, are applicable regardless of the software you happen to use. Jan Mulkins (quoted above), for exampe, used SSDT instead of Redgate.

While we do occasionally hold traditional on-site workshops, in order to make our workshops accessible to as many people as possible we run the full series online at least once per month. This reduces costs for everyone, and allows attendees to join from their homes or their offices anywhere in the world.

Private workshops can be arranged upon request from £1995. Please contact us for details.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at anyone responsible for SQL Server schema changes.

DevOps is about bringing dev and ops folk closer together. Whether you are a developer, a DBA or anyone else who writes, tests or deploys SQL changes, this course will teach you how to deliver more frequently and more reliably as well as how to solve common technical (and cultural) problems.


“Alex is a good teacher, he really wants you to understand how things work and he teaches patiently.”
Sjors Takes, Senior DBA, AlbumPrinter
Setting up DLM inspired Sjors to start blogging

What you will learn

The agenda is as follows:

Database provisioning and source control

  • Introduction to Database DevOps/Database Lifecycle Management (DLM)
  • *NEW* Provisioning a dev database with SQL Clone
  • Connecting a database to version control (with Redgate SQL Source Control)
  • Branching (and merging!) databases
  • Handling migrations when auto-generated scripts don’t work
  • Production drift monitoring and alerting with DDL triggers or DLM Dashboard

Database continuous integration

  • Building databases with PowerShell and Redgate DLM Automation
  • Connecting a build server to version control and automating builds
  • Continuous deployment to a shared integration database for testing
  • Introduction to unit testing with tSQLt
  • Integrating your CI builds with DLM Dashboard to verify all production versions have been through CI

Database release management

  • How to automate production deployments (while keeping DBAs happy)
  • Managing deployments with PowerShell, NuGet and Redgate DLM Automation
  • Connecting a Release Management server to your build server and setting up one-click database deployments
  • Dry-run deployments and staging environments
  • Manual review processes, the dos and don’ts


“I now have the confidence to apply source control, deploy to the live database when I want to – and roll the deployment back if I need to.”
Jane Palmer, SQL DBA, Macmillan Cancer Support
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Key benefits

You’ll understand how to manage database changes throughout their lifecycle, which will help you deliver more frequently and more reliably. You’ll also understand how to work much more effectively with other teams at your organisation.

Deployment failures will happen far less often – and you’ll be able to deal with them more easily when they do happen.


“Whether you’re just getting started with DLM or looking to hone your skills, DLM Workshops offers a wealth of information that would benefit anyone involved in the lifecycle of database changes.”
Rae Ellingham, Senior developer, Car Car Plan

Workshop schedule

10% early bird discount for the first three attendees to register their place at any online workshop at least one month in advance!


Date Workshop Location Time Price per person Event page
June 14th and 15th  2018 Database DevOps: Why, What and How (2 day crash course!) Online 9am-5pm (UK time) £1,395 + VAT Book here
July 13th 2018 Database DevOps: A (very) crash course! SQL Saturday Manchester pre-con 9am-5pm £215.12 Book here
July 30th and 31st  2018 Database DevOps: Why, What and How (2 day crash course!) Online 9am-5pm (US East time) $1,995 Book here
August 31st Database DevOps: A (very) crash course! SQL Saturday Johannesburg pre-con 9am-5pm R2,000 Book here

Looking for a private workshop, or a public workshop on a different timezone? Contact us to discuss.