DLM Health Check

  • Deployments are time consuming and scary things – not all of them go as smoothly as planned.
  • Your business wants to ship software more quickly but the database is holding you back.
  • You are experiencing problems in production but the developers claim ‘it works on my machine’.
  • You are dependent on a few specific people to deploy your database, making them a single point of failure.
  • No-one has a clear idea about what is being changed, or where the changes have been deployed to.
  • You spend too much time firefighting and not enough time building new stuff.
  • You have specific questions or need advice regarding particular aspects of DLM.

Sound familiar?

With our DLM health check you get one of our experienced consultants on site for between two and four days. In this time they will want to see how database changes are planned, developed, tested, deployed and maintained. They will want to spend time talking with all the people involved in the process.

They will probably ask you some difficult questions and help you to think about your processes with fresh eyes. They’ll discuss how your processes are similar or different from industry norms.

They’ll spend some time at the end of the visit preparing some recommendations for you to improve your DLM processes in order to meet your business needs.

Our clients find these engagements help to give them clarity about where they are performing well, where they need to improve, and clear direction for their DLM journey.

“I got the honor to work with Alex on a brief engagement at my former employer, We were looking to implement continuous delivery/deployment for databases. Alex was one of the individuals that came on site to help us.

He is extremely knowledgeable in this field as well as very easy to work with. Regardless if he was dealing with database administrators (IE: me), developers, or management, he was easily able to convey important concepts & key take aways. This was critical as there were many touch points. Alex was more concerned with finding the right solution for us than just selling additional services. This is a very valuable aspect in my opinion.

All in all, Alex was great to work with. The engagement was a huge success in my opinion, in part directly related to Alex’s efforts. He was also able to completely sell me (one of those grumpy DBA types) on the concept of database continuous delivery. If that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what will. I’d highly recommend any organization to work with him. You won’t regret it.”


John Morehouse, Production DBA and PASS Regional Mentor