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We offer training and consulting services that will help you to bring DevOps to your database

DLM Health Check

We'll spend two to four days with you and your team to learn about your current DLM processes and aspirations. Then we'll recommend some next steps.

DLM Workshops

We partner with Redgate to provide you with the training and the tools that you need to get started with SQL Server version control, CI or release management.

DLM Kickstarter

We'll help your team to set up database source control, CI and/or a deployment pipeline. We'll also provide training so they know how to use it effectively.

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  • Adopting DevOps involves making difficult, hard-to-reverse changes. You'll change dev processes, introduce new tooling, reform database processes, and train your staff on things that may not seem beneficial at first. You don't want to do this twice. You need people who have done this before, listen well, and communicate the right information to your team at the right time. Those people are the DLM Consultants.

    Brent Ozar, SQL Server DBA Consultant, Brent Ozar Unlimited

  • We booked a DLM Kickstarter with DLM Consultants. It was tremendously valuable to have Alex pair with me as I got my head around Bamboo, tSQLt and the various DB automation tools. He was passionate about getting our PoC working and clearly explained the pros/cons of different strategies. Without his support it would have taken us much longer to put together a working solution. I highly recommend DLM Consultants.

    Pencho Belneyski, Release Manager, United Nations Office for Project Services

  • The idea of DLM is simple, but the cultural changes required can be difficult to make. DLM Consultants have the experience to guide your organization through the effort. The workshops that they built with Redgate give you just in time training with implementing DLM. I would recommend DLM Consultants as a valuable resource for any company wanting a more efficient database development process.

    Steve Jones, Editor of SQLServerCentral.com, Editor at Redgate Software

  • Alex stood out for two significant reasons. First, he learned the technology and possible applications of it quickly. Working with him was a joy because he could contribute meaningfully to my own and others work as well as his own. Second, Alex brought strong and passionate presentation skills making it easier for our team to communicate our ideas, methods and approaches. I'd happily work with him again.

    Grant Fritchey, PASS Executive Vice-President, Product Evangelist at Redgate Software and generally Scary DBA

  • Alex’s knowledge and experience is exemplary. His workshop delivery is both enjoyable and educational; an engaging mix of presentation and hands on participation, as you work through the steps on a VM under his patient tutorage. I met all my objectives and more, being able to confidently reprise the exercises on my native systems over subsequent days. I have no hesitation in recommending DLM Workshops.

    Rae Ellingham, Senior Developer at Car Care Plan

  • Within a few minutes, it was apparent Alex knew his stuff. Each company he has had to work with is unique. He knew how to apply the Redgate tooling to solve our problems. Alex knew to ask the right questions to ensure the solution would work. He could easily have force fed a solution, but he didn’t. DLM Consultants’ Kick-starter package is based on our engagement. Highly recommended.

    Bob Walker, Founder of CodeAperture.io, Lead Application Developer at Farm Credit Services of America

  • At the end of this workshop it becomes very clear to you that you now have all the tools that you need to start automatically delivering code up to or even including to production environments in a very controlled method. You’ll learn about best practices related to DLM and how to implement and work with standard DLM tools. I would certainly recommend you to attend all 3 workshops.

    Jan Mulkens, Microsoft BI consultant, Ordina

  • Alex really impressed me with his profound insight into a broad range of CI products on the market, not merely Redgate offering. His customers can rest assured that the solution he offers is actually what truly fits the business: he takes pride in his integrity and informed advice. He can offer well-rounded, appropriate solutions to software development life cycle problems, and he does that really well. True asset on any team.

    Dmytro Andriychenko, Lead developer at Rabobank

  • Alex is extremely knowledgeable in this field as well as very easy to work with. Regardless if he was dealing with database administrators, developers, or management, he was easily able to convey important concepts & key take aways. This was critical as there were many touch points. I'd highly recommend any organization to work with him. You won't regret it.

    John Morehouse, PASS Regional Mentor, Database Architect at Farm Credit Mid-America

  • Alex is like a good teacher, he really wants you to understand how things work and he teaches patiently. I met Alex only three weeks ago at a continuous integration workshop. Afterwards, in the process of setting things up at the company I work for, he was really supportive. I never had the feeling he was trying to sell me the product. He just wanted me to understand and make the product work.

    Sjors Takes, Senior DBA at AlbumPrinter, Blogger at DevOpsDBA.com

  • DLM Consultants helped us take our first steps with Database DevOps. We produced a POC and presented it to the wider team. Even the skeptics could see the value. We had a roadmap and could taste our reward. They also warned that the journey will be hard, which demonstrates DLM Consultants' integrity. We highly recommend DLM Consultants to anyone who wants highly professional database DevOps consulting.

    Cihan Ucar, Senior Software Architekt, VAT Vakuumventile AG

Meet the DLM Consultants

We can help you deliver updates regularly and reliably

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Alex Yates

DevOps Expert, Principal Consultant, Microsoft Data Platform MVP

Alex has been helping organisations to apply DevOps principles to relational database development and deployment since 2010. He's most proud of helping Skyscanner develop the ability to deploy 95 times a day. Originally for Redgate, later for DLM Consultants, Alex has worked with clients on every continent except Antarctica - so he's keen to meet anyone who researches penguins. A keen community member, he co-organises the London Continuous Delivery meetup and SQL Relay.

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Rob Sewell

SQL Server DBA and PowerShell guru, Microsoft CDM MVP

Rob is a SQL Server DBA with a passion for Powershell, Azure, Automation, and SQL Server. Rob works with clients to enable automation, SQL Server best practices and DevOps. He is most proud of being able to test several thousand database backup settings in only a few minutes using PowerShell and of being a founder of the popular open source module dbatools. He is an officer for the PASS PowerShell Virtual Chapter and has spoken at and volunteered at many events.

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